January 11, 2014

Spring 2014 Makeup Trends

Year after year, we see some gorgeous makeup on the runways and catwalks. Of course, there are also some weird ones (we're talking gold metallic brows, like Christian Dior did or just straight up stripes of paint all over your eyes with black brows, like Chanel) but most of the time they are very pretty and can be customized for everyday wear! I'm not a huge trend follower unless I really like the season's trends, I mean if berry lipstick is trending and you just don't like berry lips don't wear them! Most of these year's spring trends I do like! So here they are:
  • Orange lips: Ranging from orangey reds to full on vibrant orange. They have been on tons of catwalks. Applied either sheerly to give the appearance of a stain or with heavy pigment to give that WOW factor. It looks great on tons of skin tones. If you find straight up traffic cone orange too daring, try reds that lean orange! And for everyday wear apply them sheerly or maybe try an orange gloss, that will give you the nice orange color without the intensity! Try one of Revlon's Matte Balms in Audacious which is a very bright orange or MAC Morange lipstick(pictured). Revlon's Kissable Balm Stains (the normal ones) in Rendezvous is also great if you want an orange that's more toned down. This trend seems to be one of the more popular ones as it was seen in tons of runways.
  • Natural makeup: Very light foundation, minimal eyes, soft brows, and soft, nude lips. As if you're not wearing anything. Try a tinted moisturizer or a bb cream instead of foundation. If you're someone with sparse spots on eyebrows try with a very, very light hand and a brow pencil drawing brow hairs where they are sparse, don't draw on your whole eyebrow. Maybe apply an eyeshadow base that's the same color of your lids to cover up any veining or discoloration. Very lightly conceal what you need to. Put some light lip balm on your lips. And that's the natural look! No blush, no highlight, no shadow, no liner, no contour, not even mascara.
  • Smudged liner: Pencil or gel eyeliner all around the eye, smudged all around. Some even smudged the liner and created a wing liner. Try an inky black or purple. On the runways there also appeared to be bright colors, like greens and blues smudged on the top lashline. Try lining your eyes lightly first and smudging with either a pencil brush like the 219 or Sigma E30 or a short shader brush like MAC 214 or Sigma E20 and continue building up the color and smudging as you go, to achieve ultra smokiness and more color depth. Maybelline's gel liner and Rimmel's Scandaleyes liners are awesome for this.
  • Cat eyes: The classic cat eye. I don't think I need to explain any further into the cat eye, but besides cat eye, there were also some funky eyeliner shapes. But only a couple of runways featured the funky liner shapes. Cat eyes seemed to be accompanied by pastel colored eyeshadows. Personally I prefer gel liners, but use what you prefer. For liquid liners, Kat Von D's tattoo liner(pictured) is recommended.
  • White eyeshadow: A light, wash of a matte white eyeshadow all over the lid and mascara, was popular on the runways. Accompanied with light, natural looking lips, skin and brows. Try something like Inglot Matte eyeshadow in 318 (pictured).
  • Pastels: Of course, pastels had to be included. There were pinks, blues, aquas, greens and yellows! In smaller quantities but still popular. Used as shadows and liners, with mascara, natural looking skin and nude lips.
  • Red lips: Some runways featured a beautiful matte red. The lips were very crisp and nicely shaped. I recommend lining the lips with a red lipliner and then brushing on the red lipstick. I love this look. I would love wearing red everyday, if I didn't have to go to school (cause a really matte defined red lip is just a little, tiny bit too bright for school, don't you think?). For a more daytime appropriate look maybe skip the matte and apply a red tinged balm or one of Maybelline's lip butters!
Tell me in the comments below if you like any of the trends and will be doing them!
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January 4, 2014

MAC Tempting Eyeshadow | Review and Swatch

MAC Tempting eyeshadow(15USD or 11USD in pan form) is described on the website as a sinfully rich coco. It is a medium warm chocolate brown with small glitter and sheen. It is a Lustre finish which is one of MAC's eyeshadow formulas. Lustres have glitter in them and tend to be characterized by a heavy amount of glitter fallout, dry formulas and patchiness when swatching and applying, thankfully this one does not fit into that criteria. It might just be the best permanent Lustre eyeshadow out there.

January 3, 2014

Charcoal Eyes Tutorial

Happy New Year! To a year full of love, health and best wishes for all!

So I wanted to know if sometimes, you get a perfect image or very clear idea of a look in your mind and just feel the need to do it, cause that definitely happens to me. I think of an eyeshadow look that would be pretty and end up doing it. And that happened with this one. I had thought of a light shimmery color that blended into a dramatic winged shimmery dark gray. I recreated it and really liked it. I ended up wearing it on New Year's Eve! I did the eyeshadow that day and thought it would look really pretty with a hot pink lip. I really like the combination of charcoal and pink!