December 20, 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At Tag!

We all have those things that as much as we try, we don't seem to perfect. Overtime of course you'll get better at it, but for me 9 out of 10 (I'm over exaggerating, about 6 out of 10) times, I'll probably screw it up. I happen to not be good at quite a few beauty things. Just to name a few! I suck at:
  • Winged liner (forever a struggle of mine):  I envy Jaclyn Hill's wing lining skills. Achieving symmetric wings is a huge struggle for me. I never thought it'd be that complicated due to the tutorials that recommend you to just extend the wing following your lower lashline but when I do that and look straight ahead into the mirror, the wing seems to lose its shape because it would end up between my crease line. I don't know if its my eye shape or just my sucky wing lining skills that cause that. Sometimes I can get it right though (which makes me think it's my sucky wing lining skills), and days I get my wing right, are happy days for me :D Lately I've been getting it right by switching the brush I used so... YAY HAPPY DAYS!
  • Contouring: I tried it out the other day and my mom asked me if I'd been punched in the cheek or something cause it looked like a bruise. FAIL. Maybe I went a little overboard. Definitely need to keep working on contouring.
  • Highlighting: I like the highlighted look. But on me it looks way too shimmery, yet on some people it looks so pretty. Whenever I try it, I just have a shimmery stripe down my cheeks and then I try blending it out and it just doesn't end up looking that great.
  • Blush: Not too complicated, but at first I put it on the apples of my cheeks and I felt like my cheeks looked rounder so I started skipping blush. Recently I am getting into it again but instead of putting it on the apples I concentrate more color a bit farther from the apples and seems to be working better.
And there you go! I feel like winged liner is my biggest challenge. I think in the future, countouring and highlighting will improve but my wings will forever look a bit wonky.
Tell me in the comments what beauty things do you suck at?

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