December 11, 2013

Holiday Gold and Burgundy Eyeshadow Tutorial!

Hola beautiful people!
How are you doing? Hopefully great and healthy and super happy to receive December (although we're almost halfway through it can you believe it?!) and 2014 with open arms! I can't wrap my head around how fast this year has passed! It has definitely been a wonderful year. Today I have a tutorial! It features a peachy gold to give you a pop in your inner corner, blended with a beautiful warm, reddish, shimmery brown across the lid, and in the outer corner and crease a beautiful light, purplish burgundy. I love that when you blend the light burgundy you see a mixture of brown, burgundy and purple although I don't think it transfers that well in the pictures :( Anyway, I love this look! Perfect for those holiday parties that are coming your way pretty soon. Wear it and I'm not making any promises, but you'll be making everyone drop dead! And with no further delay, I present to you...the tutorial!
What will you need?
  • Pale beige eyeshadow (Tarte Bubble Bath)
  • Peachy gold eyeshadow (MAC Amber Lights)
  • Warm, reddish, shimmery brown (Clinique Rum Spice, I believe Rum Spice isn't available anymore so try something along the lines of MAC Antiqued)
  • Light burgundy eyeshadow (Lancome Spontaneous or something like Inglot 452)
  • Black gel liner (Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner...that's a mouthful!)
  • Black Mascara (Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara)
  • Brown Eyeliner
  • And that's it!

Steps to ENTICING eyes ;)
1. Apply lightly the pale beige eyeshadow from lid to browbone just to make blending easier.

2. With a flat shader brush pat the peachy gold eyeshadow (either wet for a very intense frost or dry for a more subdued color, I used it dry) to the inner third of your eye.

3. Now pat the warm brown onto the rest of your lid and blend it a bit through the crease with what is left on your brush.

4. Pat the light burgundy shade in the outer corner smudging it into the lashline about halfway.

5. With a blending brush apply the light burgundy into the crease and upwards and also bring it all the way into the inner corner. PS. If some of the brown or gold got blended away, reapply it.

6. With an angled brush or a pencil brush apply the peachy gold along the tear duct and inner third of the lower lashline, then in the middle blend the warm brown, and lastly in the outer third of the lower lashline blend the light burgundy shade.

7. With the same pale beige eyeshadow from Step 1, apply it to your browbone as a highlight. You can't really tell in the picture but it's there.
8. Apply brown eyeliner in the upper and lower waterline.
9. Line your upper lashline with gel liner and make a wing. This step is optional, but to me it looks prettier with winged liner :)
10. Curl lashes and apply your desired mascara.

Wearing MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC44 and Velvet Teddy Lipstick
 (and yes I know I've got some flyaway problems :P My hair just can't be tamed)

Hope you liked it because I sure do! I'm not promising anything but you'll be turning heads at those holiday parties! ;)
Tell me in the comments if you'll be wearing this to any parties!


  1. I love gold and purple or burgundy together! It's what I'll be wearing for Christmas :-D

    1. They really do complement each other beautifully! What are you planning to wear on your lips?

    2. I'm thinking some really glossy lip gloss, with not too much color, just a little hint of berry.

    3. It sounds really pretty! Hope it turns great!