January 3, 2014

Charcoal Eyes Tutorial

Happy New Year! To a year full of love, health and best wishes for all!

So I wanted to know if sometimes, you get a perfect image or very clear idea of a look in your mind and just feel the need to do it, cause that definitely happens to me. I think of an eyeshadow look that would be pretty and end up doing it. And that happened with this one. I had thought of a light shimmery color that blended into a dramatic winged shimmery dark gray. I recreated it and really liked it. I ended up wearing it on New Year's Eve! I did the eyeshadow that day and thought it would look really pretty with a hot pink lip. I really like the combination of charcoal and pink!

What you'll use:
  • Shimmery gold beige eyeshadow
  • Shimmery charcoal eyeshadow
  • Tape (I'm sure most are familiar with the tape method)
  • Black gel liner
  • Hot pink lipstick
  • Light shade for highlight
  • Black mascara

1. I recommend you do the eyes first and then foundation. Cut the tape and stick to the back of your hand to remove any excess stickiness. Align the edge of the tape with your lower lashline and stick the tape. I know the tape isn't super comfortable but you'll be taking it off sooner than later.

2. With a flat shader brush, apply the shimmery gold beige all over your lid and slightly blend the edge. Do not go above the crease.

3. With the same flat shader brush, take the charcoal eyeshadow and put it at an angle in the outer corner and over the edge of the tape, so it's winged out. Put the shimmery charcoal about halfway into the crease and blend well so it connects with the shimmery gold beige.  You can now remove the tape.

4. With a small brush, apply the shimmery gold beige around the tear duct and the shimmery charcoal along the lower lashline, connecting with the wing.

5. Curl lashes and line eyes with gel liner.

6. Apply mascara, I also lined my eyes with black liner and applied my highlight shade.

7. Using a lip brush or straight from the bullet, apply the hot pink lipstick on your lips. I used a lip brush to line the lips and then used the lipstick straight from the bullet to finish the lip.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!
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First post of 2014! Yay!

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