January 4, 2014

MAC Tempting Eyeshadow | Review and Swatch

MAC Tempting eyeshadow(15USD or 11USD in pan form) is described on the website as a sinfully rich coco. It is a medium warm chocolate brown with small glitter and sheen. It is a Lustre finish which is one of MAC's eyeshadow formulas. Lustres have glitter in them and tend to be characterized by a heavy amount of glitter fallout, dry formulas and patchiness when swatching and applying, thankfully this one does not fit into that criteria. It might just be the best permanent Lustre eyeshadow out there.

When I use this shade I experience some minor glitter fallout (almost nothing really) at the time of application but nothing that can't be cleaned up if it really bothers you. I do not experience fallout during the day. It does have a drier formula but that is not a problem at the moment of application. It has good pigmentation and the shadow feels smooth. 

It started showing slight creasing and looking a bit oily by the 7 hour mark if I'm not around any heat or humidity, if I am outside in the Dominican tropical heat and humidity it lasts me for about 4 hours. I do not have super oily lids; I'd consider my eyelids to be between normal and oily.

I think this would look great on fair to medium skintones for a quick daytime appropriate brown smokey eye; just apply it all over the lid, blend it out and done! On darker skintones like myself, it is nice for a more natural eyeshadow, something daytime appropriate. On my skin tone (NC44) it doesn't pop as much as I'd like because it is similar in color to my skin, so that's why I use it for a more natural eyeshadow look when in a hurry, but it still looks beautiful blended into other shades on the lid as well. Don't really recommend it in the crease though due to the glitter but you could always use it like that too. It also looks amazing smudged on the lower lashline!

 On the pictures, I applied the shadow onto my bare lids with a flat shader brush (recommended way of application to avoid glitter fallout) and smudged it into the lower lashline as well. 

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  1. It looks pretty and I like your eyelashes! They're very nice looking.

    RIKKI //

    1. Thank you Rikki! That's so nice of you! I also might add that I frequently read your blog and see your videos! They're great!

  2. Oh it's preeetty! It's the kind of shade I'd probably use a lot, especially on those days when you don't feel like thinking too hard about your look. You just know that with a color like this you'll look great :-)

    1. I constantly do that, when I don't feel like blending a ton of shades together, just quickly pat it on and blend into the crease and I look put-together without a ton of work. A no hassle shade!